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transformational investment.


Florida’s steady job growth, a lack of new supply and aging existing inventory have created opportunities to acquire quality office assets at significant discounts to replacement cost. SQUARE2’s investment thesis centers on investing in office and mixed-use assets in Florida’s major population centers. For years, our team has deliberately remained narrow in our focus and in doing so, avoided the traps of being “a mile wide and an inch deep.” The value of this discipline can be found in our performance  since 2009 where team members have produced (realized and unrealized) leveraged IRR’s in excess of 32 percent with an average projected equity multiple of 2.3 times. 


At SQUARE2, we believe that real estate investing should be transformational, defined by our ability to create “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance." By building on SQUARE2’s deep industry expertise, relationships and multi-cycle track record as a seasoned owner/operator, we aggressively target on- and off-market investments that allow us to implement some or all of the following strategies to modify an asset’s form or appearance:

  • leverage extensive principal-driven relationships with owners and brokers forged over a 35-years span in Florida to create unique, off-market deal flow

  • employ deep knowledge of local, sub-market dynamics to improve value

  • identify partnership recapitalization opportunities that permit SQUARE2 to bring needed liquidity and expertise for implementation and execution of a transformative business strategy

  • focus on operationally-oriented, value-added improvements that increase tenant satisfaction and solve vacancy issues

  • mitigate property level vacancy by devising a granular leasing and marketing strategy, tailored and appropriate to each asset and submarket

  • correcting near-term rollover through a close collaboration between all principal parties including the tenant, tenant rep and agency broker

  • leverage 25-years of principal-level construction expertise to devise and implement appropriate physical transformations

  • implementing proven best-in-class operating strategies through dedicated on-site SQUARE2 teams who maximize operational efficiencies, minimize costs, and deliver a higher level of service resulting in greater tenant satisfaction and retention

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